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Sunday, May 6, 2012


Every once in a while you can get a real deal on sliced bacon. The problem is, it

 only lasts about 30 days under refrigeration and freezing, although safe,

 presumes you will have electricity to run the freezer. Here is a way to keep 

bacon for at least a year without refrigeration: 

I bought 10 lbs of ends and pieces of bacon at our 

local Pig (ironic isn't it!) for 10 dollars.

 I trimmed some of the fat and then cut into 1 to 2 

inch slices  using a scissors ,and fried until almost 


 I then put the bacon in assorted sized canning jars and poured  some of  the bacon grease over the bacon till it was about 1/4 full.

 I processed for 90 minutes at 11 PSI. If you have a full load, I add another 10 minutes.

 It's nice to have on hand and takes only about 5 minutes to cook ( including one minute in the microwave to loosen the bacon fat before cooking in a pan).
This bacon will be good for a year.

                If it lasts that long!

 I don't think this is approved by the FDA, and this is just for informational purposes. I'm not suggesting that anyone else do this. It may not be safe, so you should check with the U.S. extension office for FDA information before canning anything. I'm just passing on what we have done.